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Social Fitness

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Brain Games

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Mindfulness & Breathwork

Welcome to CoDo

Connect, Engage, Thrive

Social wellness application for a healthy brain, body and spirit
CoDo is VR fun with friends & family to stay fit over 50

CoDo Move

In CoDo social fitness, you can walk, talk and be with family & friends no matter where they are! We specially designed it to be easy to use for all ages.

By pairing a multi-user mixed reality environment with common exercise equipment such as self-powered treadmills and stationary bikes, users can enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of social exercise.

Research shows it can be up to 1.5x more effective than medication – and it's fun!

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CoDo Train

CoDo Social Fitness also helps keep your mind sharp with our collection of scientifically validated memory and perception games.

Used 5 times a week in short 15 minute sessions, research has shown the 10 year prognosis is a potential 29% reduction in the chance of developing dementia.

Track your progress and get hooked on the friendly competition.

To learn more about Matia Labs science-based cognitive training, click here.

CoDo Focus

Transport yourself to a serene destination for solo or group meditation, mindfulness practice, and guided breathwork.

• Increase feelings of social connectedness

• Reduce stress

• Improve mental focus

• Foster a stronger mind-body connection

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